A.J. Finn: The Woman in the Window

2 September 2018 | WORD Christchurch Festival

Supported by Embassy of the United States of America and HarperCollins

‘Your book editor just snagged your spot on the bestseller list,’ was the headline in the New York Times as veteran crime fiction editor and die-hard Ngaio Marsh fan Dan Mallory took out the top place on lists around the world. Written under the pseudonym A.J. Finn, his debut thriller, The Woman in the Window, is a love letter to Alfred Hitchcock that Gillian Flynn called ‘Astounding. Thrilling. Amazing’, and Stephen King deemed ‘unputdownable’. A film directed by Joe Wright (Darkest Hour) and starring Amy Adams is under way. Did his years of editing give him the prefect formula to create a page-turning bestseller? Find out when he talks to writer and actor Michelle Langstone.

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