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Many cultures have traditions and stories about Matariki (Pleiades), the constellation at the heart of the Māori new year. Award-winning journalist and author Miriama Kamo (Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Mutunga) has just published a beautiful new book on our own Matariki stories, and those from the Pacific Islands, Australia, Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa. She joins Māori astronomer and passionate storyteller Victoria Campbell (Kāi Tahu), who was involved in setting up the new national holiday, for a rich conversation about our relationship to the heavens. Bring the whole whānau down for a flight around the globe, and up to the stars.

This session will be held live for in-person audiences, and offered as a livestream for at-home viewing. Ticket prices for both are the same, please make sure you select the correct option for you.

If you need to swap your in-person ticket to an at-home digital ticket please contact us [at least 24 hours in advance] via email on

Professor Rangi Matamua was originally advertised on this session, but is no longer able to attend. Our apologies for the change.

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03 Sep - 19 Sep 2022
The Piano, 156 Armagh St 11:00 am - 11:59 pm $23 / $19 *SERVICE FEES APPLY

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